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Eating Cinnabon in Damascus

by Katie Paul Foreign Policy Published: March 26, 2012 Why are foreign brands like KFC, the Four Seasons, and Cinnabon still trying to make a buck in Syria? Advertisements

Scapegoats and Distractions

This is not the first time in American history that there has been a rejection of Islam—in one form or another—on the part of a political and social culture which held the superstition that it threatened the American way of life. This fear was also at the front of the American worldview was in the … Continue reading

Arson attack on Redditch mosque

Redditch police say they suspect a recent arson attack on a local mosque was a hate crime. Fire-fighters tackled a small fire at the front door of the mosque on Jinnah Road, at about 10.20pm on January 24. No one was injured and there was no major damage to the building, which is yet to … Continue reading

Brooker: To catch a terrorist

By Kevin Brooker March 26, 2012 From An inflammatory opinion piece centered on the actions of Craig Monteilh, a 49 year old body-builder from California with a criminal past, who supposedly was recruited by the FBI to pose as a Muslim in order to infiltrate mosques and gain counter-terrorism intelligence as a part of … Continue reading

Homogenizing Islam

The building of a mosque near Ground Zero grounds is a sensitive and controversial issue for many Americans. Understandably so, many perceive the building of an Islamic center of worship two blocks away from where the Twin Towers stood before 9/11 as an insensitive and arrogant project by the Muslim community. Yet, highly polemical issues … Continue reading

A Mosque Near Ground Zero? Must be the Nazis

The controversy over building the Park 51 mosque and community center is yet another example of how the supposed religious freedom in the United States of America is undermined by many influential and “respected” people in the American public sphere. The mosque, which was termed the “Ground Zero mosque” while this controversy was ongoing, was … Continue reading

Looking at Islam through Western eyes to understand the extremism of Muhammed

Bob Taylor March 13, 2012 The Washington Times This article suggests that to attempt to view Islam through a Western lens is impossible, presumably because the worldview presented in Islam is not housed in Western a priori assumptions, but rather its own.

Who Gets the Power of Definition?

While reading through a survey of articles and opinions concerning the construction of the “Ground Zero Mosque,” the question of who gets to define the limits of social groups continuously rose to my mind.  None of the authors explicitly brought up the question – most just assumed that they (or the people they cite) had … Continue reading

Ground Zero Mosque Controversy: Not Religious Freedom More like Religious Oppression

Religious freedom is an inherent right of the Constitution, we take great pride in this. We never have a problem when a church is being built. So we should have not problem when a Muslim community wants to build a mosque, but that seems to raise some debate among the community. The decision to build … Continue reading

Dialogue Builds Trust: What we can learn from the “ground zero mosque” controversy

Everyone remembers the debate surrounding the “ground zero mosque” yet many of us have yet to understand it. Ross Douthat explained the situation well in his New York Times article, “Islam in Two Americas.” One American mindset embraces diversity and religious freedom for all, while the other mindset seeks American unity and identity. Both have … Continue reading

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