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Do They Represent Islam or Only Themselves?

by Alaa al-Aswany Huffington Post Published: April 10, 2012 What would you do if found you out that someone you’ve been dealing with is a liar? Advertisements

“Awake my soul, lyre and harp, I will awake the dawn.”

All things are clear in retrospect. More than a year after the beginning of the “Arab Spring” (or “Arab Awakening,” if you like), we are still trying figure out what has happened and will happen throughout the Middle East. Tunisia seems to have found a balance between its Islamist and secular parties for the moment. … Continue reading

Arab spring Islamists launch U.S. charm offensive

By AFP Washington April 8, 2012 From With a White House meeting, talks at a think-tank, and interviews with newspapers, Islamists unshackled by the Arab Spring are launching a new charm offensive to reassure a nervous Washington.

The Problem of the “Religious Minority”

In the first part of his article, “Religious Freedom, the Minority Question, and Geopolitics in the Middle East,” Saba Mahmood addresses the history of the concept of “religious minority,” and specifically how it developed in the Middle East. Mahmood makes the purpose of this section clear when he states: “My intention in this section of … Continue reading

Negotiating Ideas of Religious Freedom and Religious Parties in the Arab Spring

Western ideals of freedom and democracy live under the umbrella of secularism. It is hard for Westerners to fathom a democratic government that includes religious political parties. For the West, the idea of religion in politics seems to be at odds with ideas about religious freedom. This is why the United States is uneasy about … Continue reading

Fla. pastor Terry Jones: Islam’s goal is ‘world domination’

Niraj Warikoo Detroit Free Press April 8, 2012 Apparently, Islam’s only goal is world domination.

Historically Unaware and Demonized After

Saba Mahmood, in “Religious Freedom, the Minority Question, and Geopolitics in the Middle East,” problematizes notions of religious freedom, pointing to a history of usage marred with Western colonial interests.  This critique of the usage of such terms of “religious freedom” and “minority” points to the shifting definitions which end up as discursive tools to … Continue reading

The Garden of the Arab Spring: What will it bloom into?

The Arab Spring has been a hot topic in not only the media in the United States, but around the world. This idea of the Arab Spring has permeated throughout the Arab world and has also had great influence on the rest of the world. It has become an emblem that signifies “The people want … Continue reading

Representing the Minority to Strengthen the Majority

The concept of religious freedom is often interpreted as a fundamental component of a healthy democracy since most autocratic governments enforce their particular agendas without concern for the masses. Yet, the assumption that a democratic government embraces principles of freedom as part of a genuine effort to uphold justice and equality can be misleading. Saba … Continue reading

Arab dreamers have to move beyond protest

April 10, 2012 12:00AM, LYDIA KHALIL ,The Austrailian: The Arab Spring was brought about by a youth movement. The youth were the ones who protested and overthrew the regimes but now they have little to no role in the establishment of the new democratic powers. Other political groups are moving in and taking advantage of … Continue reading

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