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Representing the Minority to Strengthen the Majority

The concept of religious freedom is often interpreted as a fundamental component of a healthy democracy since most autocratic governments enforce their particular agendas without concern for the masses. Yet, the assumption that a democratic government embraces principles of freedom as part of a genuine effort to uphold justice and equality can be misleading. Saba … Continue reading

The Other Arab Spring

By Thomas L. Friedman. New York Times–Published April 7th, 2012. ISN’T it interesting that the Arab awakening began in Tunisia with a fruit vendor who was harassed by police for not having a permit to sell food — just at the moment when world food prices hit record highs?

Polishing Shoes for Forgiveness

By unknown author, February 2, 2012–Islam on Line– Seeking forgiveness for the killing of a Sikh by Taliban militants, a Pakistani judicial official has gone on a mission to polish shoes of worshippers at Sikh temples in India to compensate for the murder, invokin (more)

Reinterpreting Qur’anic Principles

The reinterpretation of Islam is a controversial issue of debate among scholars and theologians. As with any other religion, revisiting, questioning, and reforming new understandings of sacred writings generate mixed feelings, since the venerated texts are often viewed as infallible sources of divine knowledge. As a result, many believe that the reinterpretation of divine messages … Continue reading

Arson attack on Redditch mosque

Redditch police say they suspect a recent arson attack on a local mosque was a hate crime. Fire-fighters tackled a small fire at the front door of the mosque on Jinnah Road, at about 10.20pm on January 24. No one was injured and there was no major damage to the building, which is yet to … Continue reading

Homogenizing Islam

The building of a mosque near Ground Zero grounds is a sensitive and controversial issue for many Americans. Understandably so, many perceive the building of an Islamic center of worship two blocks away from where the Twin Towers stood before 9/11 as an insensitive and arrogant project by the Muslim community. Yet, highly polemical issues … Continue reading

Egyptians mourn Pope Shenouda III at ‘difficult’ time for Copts

By Amro Hassan, March 18th, 2012: REPORTING FROM CAIRO — Millions of Coptic Christians turned out across Egypt on Sunday to mourn Pope Shenouda III and reflect on sharpening sectarian tensions faced by Christians here as Islamists have risen in political prominence following last year’s overthrow of former President Hosni Mubarak.  

To Veil, or not to Veil, That is the Question

Leila Ahmed explores the significance of the disappearance and reappearance of the veil in Egypt during the second half of the twentieth century. Her book, A Quiet Revolution: The Veil’s Resurgence, from the Middle East to America shares the author’s personal experiences as a young woman living in Cairo.  Ahmed is puzzled by the transition … Continue reading

Atheist Group Targets Muslims, Jews With ‘Myth’ Billboards In Arabic And Hebrew

By DAN MERICA, Published: March 08th, 2012 — (CNN) –  The billboard wars between atheists and believers have raged for years  now, especially around New York City, and a national atheist group is  poised to take the battle a step further with billboards in Muslim and  Jewish enclaves bearing messages in Arabic and Hebrew.

God is not a Woman

In her book “Believing Women” in Islam:  Unreading Patriarchal Interpretations of the Qur’an, Asma Barlas challenges oppressive readings of the Qur’an that lead to the justified abuse of women in the name of God. The author argues that “Muslim women can struggle for equality from within the framework of the Qur’an’s teachings contrary to what … Continue reading

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