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Negotiating Ideas of Religious Freedom and Religious Parties in the Arab Spring

Western ideals of freedom and democracy live under the umbrella of secularism. It is hard for Westerners to fathom a democratic government that includes religious political parties. For the West, the idea of religion in politics seems to be at odds with ideas about religious freedom. This is why the United States is uneasy about … Continue reading

Arab dreamers have to move beyond protest

April 10, 2012 12:00AM, LYDIA KHALIL ,The Austrailian: The Arab Spring was brought about by a youth movement. The youth were the ones who protested and overthrew the regimes but now they have little to no role in the establishment of the new democratic powers. Other political groups are moving in and taking advantage of … Continue reading

“Progressive Muslims” Take Responsibility

People around the world are struggling with the traditions of their faith and the changes in society. Many religious people are asking themselves, “How can I be both progressive and pious in this age?” A resounding answer, among religious progressives and liberation theologians, is that believers must recognize the injustices done in the name of … Continue reading

A Fashion Magazine Unshy About Baring a Bit of Piety

3-29-12, NYTimes, Dan Bilefsky- Turkish fashion magazine shows that being Muslim and pious does not mean being unfashionable. Fully covered women show off designer threads, heels, and handbags throughout the pages. But even the pious nature is still contested by religious officials because of the look in the women’s eyes and the embracing of consumerism.

Dialogue Builds Trust: What we can learn from the “ground zero mosque” controversy

Everyone remembers the debate surrounding the “ground zero mosque” yet many of us have yet to understand it. Ross Douthat explained the situation well in his New York Times article, “Islam in Two Americas.” One American mindset embraces diversity and religious freedom for all, while the other mindset seeks American unity and identity. Both have … Continue reading

NYPD defends legality of spying on mosques

February 24, 2012 Associated Press- The NYPD has been spying on mosques through secret cameras and informants to look for possible terrorism.  “There are no universally agreed upon warning signs for terrorism. Terrorists have used Internet cafes, stayed in hostels, worked out at gyms, visited travel agencies, attended student groups and prayed at mosques. So the NYPD … Continue reading

Video: Park 51 Islamic Center Opens Its Door

The Choice to Veil

Views and meanings behind the Muslim woman’s veil are just as complex as interpretations of Islam as a whole. The veil itself is not static, it comes in a variety of forms, it changes with politics, with history, and region. Nor is the veil itself oppressive, the oppression lies in whether women have the choice … Continue reading

Egypt’s Islamists to play key role in constitution

March 17, 2012; Associated Press; by Aya Batrawy Egypt is currently making the panel that will draw up its new constitution. The majority of the panel is made up by members of the Muslim Brotherhood, but there is fear that ultraconservatives will create Sharia-only based law. Critics say that women and other minorities have little representation … Continue reading

Bigotry on the Playing Field

Editorial, NY Times, March 12, 2012. A private school sports association in Texas, known as Tapps, has kept Muslim schools off the playing field by asking them questions about faith before joining. The organization itself has no affiliation but is made of Christian, non-denominational, and recently an Orthodox Jewish school. Muslim schools want to join for … Continue reading

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