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Fla. pastor Terry Jones: Islam’s goal is ‘world domination’

Niraj Warikoo Detroit Free Press April 8, 2012 Apparently, Islam’s only goal is world domination. Advertisements

Historically Unaware and Demonized After

Saba Mahmood, in “Religious Freedom, the Minority Question, and Geopolitics in the Middle East,” problematizes notions of religious freedom, pointing to a history of usage marred with Western colonial interests.  This critique of the usage of such terms of “religious freedom” and “minority” points to the shifting definitions which end up as discursive tools to … Continue reading

Tunisia debates religion’s role in new constitution

Al-Jazeera March 29, 2012 Tunisia, having undergone political instability in the wake of the Arab Spring, is discussing if and/or to what extent religion should impact the new constitution.

Problematization and Deconstruction as Tools for Legitimacy

It seems that contemporary scholarly discourse has reached a point where legitimacy is gained not through some appeal to Truth (or claim to privileged access to it), but through the deconstruction of others’ arguments such that the audience will be less likely to perceive the flaws of the author’s claims. In other words: In order … Continue reading

Looking at Islam through Western eyes to understand the extremism of Muhammed

Bob Taylor March 13, 2012 The Washington Times This article suggests that to attempt to view Islam through a Western lens is impossible, presumably because the worldview presented in Islam is not housed in Western a priori assumptions, but rather its own.

Who Gets the Power of Definition?

While reading through a survey of articles and opinions concerning the construction of the “Ground Zero Mosque,” the question of who gets to define the limits of social groups continuously rose to my mind.  None of the authors explicitly brought up the question – most just assumed that they (or the people they cite) had … Continue reading

Jordan eyes Arab Spring fruits to capitalise on regional unrest

Jordan Times Omar Obeidat Mar 18,2012 Jordan seeks to capitalize on region’s instability due to the Arab Spring.

Activist Literature and the Naturalness of its Goodness

Leila Ahmed discusses the history, present state, and future of female participation in Islamist discourse, focusing primarily on the hijab.  Ahmed covers a vast amount of material with clarity and coherence.  Her narrative of the historical events leading up to our present conceptions of what the veil truly means is logical, and seems to be … Continue reading

Shirin Ebadi on Islamic Feminism Integrating last week’s author with this week’s topic.

Barlas and the Genderization of God

Asma Barlas, in her book Believing Women in Islam: Unreading Patriarchal Interpretations of the Qur’an, argues that the Qur’an does not condone patriarchy, and in fact condemns it.  At first glance, one might say “that seems impossible, with how many generations of scholars who would have passed over this condemnation,” but upon further investigation, the … Continue reading

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