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Abdel-Moneim Abul-Fotouh

By Zeinab El Gundi, Arham Online 02-04-12 A practicing physician with extensive experience in relief work on an international level, a prominent Islamist activist, and a former leading figure of the Muslim Brotherhood, Abdel-Moneim Abul-Fotouh is also known for his relatively liberal positions on social issues… Advertisements

Citizenship: What’s In A Name? More Than Just A Title

In preparing for my article on the state of the field of Islamic education, questions about citizenship abound. What does it mean to be a Muslim? How do state curriculums attempt to create a national and religious identity for Muslim students? And, of late, Can a Muslim be a citizen of both a democratic or … Continue reading

3-25-12 Payvand Iran News  Kaveh Ghoreishi As people around the world celebrated international women’s day on March 8, Iranian women activists interviewed for this occassion said that they believed that the condition of women in Iran has deteriorated while restrictions on their activities have grown. Dispite this though they appeared hopeful and optomistic…  

Progressive Islam: Is It Really Islam?

Progressive Islam, according to Omid Safi, means a couple of fundamental things. First, it “is above all an attempt to start swimming through the rising waters of Islam and modernity, to strive for justice in the midst of society.” (1) While Safi acknowledges that he cannot speak for all Progressive Muslims, he lays out a number of … Continue reading

Mosques in America nearly double since 9/11

by Joel Gehrke, NewsOK, February 29, 2012 Mosques in the United States have doubled in number since the September 11 attacks, with urban and  suburban centers seeing an uptick in mosque construction over the last decade,  according to a new report….

Muslim Relations with the American Public: How the Ground Zero Mosque Moved Us Backwards

In 2009-2010, controversy erupted in America over the proposed construction of an Islamic mosque and cultural center two blocks from the site of 9/11’s Ground Zero. Proposed by Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, the project would include not only a prayer space for Islamic worship services, but also a pool, auditorium and space for interfaith dialogue. … Continue reading

Our Women and Hijabs: A Curious Question

By Nayeem Hossain, eBengladesh, March 14, 2012. Our Women and Hijabs: A Curious Question. Hossain asks the question why are an increasing number of women wearing hijab? Giving his own thoughts on the matter, Hossain looks at women in different countries and asks women to comment on his topic. His belief that in the West as well … Continue reading

The Dynamic Veil

  Looking for a single reason why Muslim women wear the veil is like looking for one reason why a person might wear a cross. For some, it is a deeply religious symbol, an outward sign that the inward dispositions of the person are focused on their faith. For others the symbol is a cultural … Continue reading

Islamic Feminism: What is Feminism Again? Pt 2

As I noted in my February post, feminism is a widely misused and misunderstood term in the West. Instead of referring to a woman’s equality with men in dignity and worth, many have narrowly defined the term to forward their own agenda. The dominant secular feminist discourse claims that there is only one feminism, a … Continue reading

Unlocking the Golden Cage

Shirin Ebadi, the 2003 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, tells the story the Iranian revolution through the lives of three brothers who subscribe to different political ideologies in her popular novel, The Golden Cage.1 Based on the true story of her childhood friend’s brothers, Ebadi relates the events of three mens’ lives, all of whom suffer … Continue reading

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