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Citizenship: What’s In A Name? More Than Just A Title

In preparing for my article on the state of the field of Islamic education, questions about citizenship abound. What does it mean to be a Muslim? How do state curriculums attempt to create a national and religious identity for Muslim students? And, of late, Can a Muslim be a citizen of both a democratic or … Continue reading

Reinterpreting Qur’anic Principles

The reinterpretation of Islam is a controversial issue of debate among scholars and theologians. As with any other religion, revisiting, questioning, and reforming new understandings of sacred writings generate mixed feelings, since the venerated texts are often viewed as infallible sources of divine knowledge. As a result, many believe that the reinterpretation of divine messages … Continue reading

3-25-12 Payvand Iran News  Kaveh Ghoreishi As people around the world celebrated international women’s day on March 8, Iranian women activists interviewed for this occassion said that they believed that the condition of women in Iran has deteriorated while restrictions on their activities have grown. Dispite this though they appeared hopeful and optomistic…  

Video: Park 51 Islamic Center Opens Its Door

Jordan eyes Arab Spring fruits to capitalise on regional unrest

Jordan Times Omar Obeidat Mar 18,2012 Jordan seeks to capitalize on region’s instability due to the Arab Spring.

Our Women and Hijabs: A Curious Question

By Nayeem Hossain, eBengladesh, March 14, 2012. Our Women and Hijabs: A Curious Question. Hossain asks the question why are an increasing number of women wearing hijab? Giving his own thoughts on the matter, Hossain looks at women in different countries and asks women to comment on his topic. His belief that in the West as well … Continue reading

The Dynamic Veil

  Looking for a single reason why Muslim women wear the veil is like looking for one reason why a person might wear a cross. For some, it is a deeply religious symbol, an outward sign that the inward dispositions of the person are focused on their faith. For others the symbol is a cultural … Continue reading

Shirin Ebadi on Islamic Feminism Integrating last week’s author with this week’s topic.

Atheist Group Targets Muslims, Jews With ‘Myth’ Billboards In Arabic And Hebrew

By DAN MERICA, Published: March 08th, 2012 — (CNN) –  The billboard wars between atheists and believers have raged for years  now, especially around New York City, and a national atheist group is  poised to take the battle a step further with billboards in Muslim and  Jewish enclaves bearing messages in Arabic and Hebrew.

Muslim Women: The Dawn of a New Interpretation

In the book,  “Believing Women” in Islam: Unread Patriarchal Interpretations of the Qur’an” by Asma Barlas there are two questions she is exploring. The first question is does the Qur’an condone or teach sexual inequality or oppression of women? The second question is does the Qur’an supports encourage the liberation of women?[1] These two questions … Continue reading

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